Sharing experience

In my point of view, training is not a vertical process. As a trainer, I begin by learning the experiences of others and listening to their needs. Only then can I know where and how to bring my knowledge.

Training experience

Le Centre pour

la Formation

et le Perfectionnement

des Journalistes  (Paris)

Al Jazeera Media

Training and

Development Center


Institut International Numérique et Audiovisuel (Tunis)

Why ?

Decision makers:
Competitors are always more innovative, technologies involve, the work-flow of the workforce are constantly re-adapted,

the job changes ...
Moreover, whatever the size of the company is, an organization and work habits are always difficult to change. Training sessions are the solution to these challenges.



New Graduates:
When you go from university to the work field, training and professionals contact are an additional asset in your job search.

How ?

The majority of decision-makers aware of training importance, but they are reluctant to pay for it, because they didn’t found an appropriate training plan to meet their needs and does not hinder their workflow.

Let’s discuss it!

Training fields

- Production, from the idea to the... RTB
- Programs grid
- Production budget
- Optimize the Newsroom
- News program preparation

- Anchor training

- Debate programs

- TV reporter
- Web content

- Investigation
- Writing for the picture
- Other specific aspects...

- Media Training (for decision makers and managers)

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